Kidz Positive Beading Project Beaded Heart Keyring Red Blue
Kidz Positive Beading Project Beaded Heart keyring Red Orange

Beaded Heart Keyring

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Color: Red/Orange
Product description

Take a moment to be thankful for what is in your life today, as well as in your heart.

When we allow ourselves to experience thankfulness, kindness and compassion, it can have a positive effect on one’s mind and body. Our immune system benefits a lot more from positive emotions than it does from stress and anxiety. Your heart key ring will remind you of this. ⠀⠀

At Kidz Positive we are thankful for the loyal clients who support our efforts to create the much needed employment for our team. We are in the unique position to enable our bead workers to work from home, so they can care for their children and elders. We aim to continue to do so during times of economic hardship, such as the challenging time that COVID19 produced for us all.

Our Loom Beaded Keyrings can be made in a variety of colour combinations, should you so wish. We can also include a loved one’s initials on the keyring, for that personalized touch. These also make ideal gifts for your wedding guests, or special, family anniversary gatherings.

Each product is packaged and accompanied with a tag signed by the mother who has made it.

*All designs are subject to availability of specific bead colours. 

Product Descriptions(size): 

Length: 45mm, Width: 30mm,  Weight: 7g