Beaded Bookmarks with a Tassel
Beaded Bookmarks with a Tassel

Beaded Bookmarks with a Tassel

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Style: Geometric Diamonds
Geometric Diamonds
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Product description

Beaded broad bookmarks with a tassel are elegant and functional accessories for avid readers. Crafted with colourful beads arranged in intricate patterns, these bookmarks are wider than typical versions, making them ideal for thicker books. The addition of a tassel, made of silky threads, adds a touch of sophistication and flair. These bookmarks not only help keep your place in a book but also serve as eye-catching decorations, making them a perfect gift for book lovers who appreciate both style and functionality.

The bookmarks can be custom made to incorporate your company logo, company colours or preferred designs.

Each product is packaged and accompanied with a tag signed by the mother who has made it.

*All designs are subject to availability of specific bead colours. 

Product Dimensions(Size)

Length:  160mm, Width: 40mm, Weight: 25g